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Message From Chairman


Babu Krishna Maharjan, Chairman (NHRPFDN)

I am hearty dedicated for better living conditions for handicapped people. I am tireless to work for therights and amelioration for them. I agree that all types of handicapped people should unite for their development. I was born in Lalitpur district, ward no-5 of Harisiddhi VDC. When I was 6 years old, there was the epidemic of measles which became the great misfortune for me. The spots of measles all over my body during my childhood took away my right to see the world.

I was so worried that, I couldn’t see anything from that time when I have to enjoy with my parents, play with friends and make vision for bright future. In the process of struggling in life, I am moving ahead defending with this tragedy. I completed my formal study up to B. Ed. Level.   Even though, I can’t see the human race, I am closely watching the injustice, torture, social misconduct and human rights. My objective is to fight for humanity against the social norms, laws, religion, custom, philosophy and tradition which enforce human beings to live like an animal and slave. Protesting against this I had gone for 7 days hunger strike at Bhadrakali, Kathmandu. I also served personally for the betterment of disabled people. Once I had given away my job for an unemployed and deprived disable person.

To use my skills of hardworking and worked as acting chairman for National Disable Federation for three months and as vice-chairman for 4 years. I have also worked as a member of Disabled Coordination Committee of Ministry of Women and Children for 4 years. I have also performed as treasurer for the Blind Association for eight years. I am a member of Eye Awareness Disable Association and coordinator of friendly club of Nepal Blind Association. From six years, I am serving as the chairman of Nepal Federation of Disabled and National Human Rights Protection Forum for Disabled Nepal and raising voice for the rights of all types of disable person.

Currently, I am devoted for the effective implementation of the rights to education, health, employment, physical accessibility and secure their rights as staged on national and international human right norms and laws.

Prior to involving in this organization, I had lawsuit on Supreme Court on 2057 B.S. for free education for disabled people. It hadn’t been implementing even it was staged on law. Supreme Court made decision on favor of disabled people on 2060 B.S. but still there is problem on its effective implementation.

I have problem on self study of all the materials due to which I’m always worried. When I studied the Disable Welfare Act, 2039 B.S. myself, I found most articles were very good but it hasn’t been practiced on behavior. So, I sued against 9 different ministries on 2060 B.S. for its effective implementation. The court made verdict on 2061 B.S. to these 9 ministries but the challenges still remains same.

Then from two years with the cooperation with Mr. Ramesh Babu Tiwari, the General Secretary of this organization I am requesting to different ministries for its implementation. They said that my work will be fully recognized if it is known by the people in the international arena but in the context of Nepal it is not such.  Even though, ministries start programs regarding this, it is not sufficient and effective.

During this pace Ramesh Babu Tiwari and I decided to formulate an organization and we registered National Human Right Protection Forum for Disabled Nepal in 2063 B.S. in CDO office. Even with lack of resources we bring the organization up to this level. We are working for education, health, employment, disabled friendly physical structure and legal counseling. We are producing audio books for visually impaired and blind people. We have also established an audio visual library.

Laws are made to give direction to social, economic, political and all the extent of society. These kinds of laws were formulated to live all the kinds of people in society with same dignity and equity. But these were just limited to the paper. We all should timely terminate the mental conflict and selfishness which inert the disabled people. Then only the progress of disabled people is possible. So, we want the liberty and sovereignty of disable people  and  I’d like to appeal everyone to involve  in such  remarkable  campaign.Let’s work hand in hand!!!

Message From General Secretary


Ramesh Babu Tiwari, General Secretary   (NHRPFDN)                                                                                      

I am heartily dedicated for better living conditions for persons with disabilities (PWDs). Right from the morning; I am continuously working to ensure the rights of persons with disabilities in Nepal .

Despite my early success in completing secondary level of education, due to difficult foot trail it was difficult to join the higher level education in my district. I have overcome numerous difficulties in my life including various forms of discrimination from the superstitious society.

However, my academic career flourished in a positive way. In my own endeavor, I have completed Bachelor’s degree in education and currently I’m studying Master’s Degree in education at Tribhuvan University.

My aim is to uphold the rights of PWDs through realization of their rights by initiating campaigning, advocacy and awareness programs.

I have worked effectively with various organizations like National Association of Physically Disabled (NAPD), National Disabled of Youth Network (NDYN) and so on to improve the quality of life of persons with disabilities in Nepal.

Currently I am working in a position of General Secretary with National Human Right Protection forum for the Disabled Nepal (NHRPFDN)

Email: rameshtiwari607@gmail.com

Contact Number:+977 9860469863,+977 9741002521

Message From Lawyer


Dev Datta Joshi,  Advocate (NHRPFDN)

Dev Datta Joshi has been working for National Human Rights Protection Forum for Disabled-Nepal since 2006 to current in capacity of Senior Disability Rights Lawyer. Dev Datta Joshi has demonstrated singular determination in obtaining five post- secondary degrees, including two post- graduate degrees, one of which is an LLM from the Centre for Disability Law and Policy at the National University of Ireland (Galway). His LLM dissertation focused on inclusive education for children with disabilities, drawing on field research he undertook in rural and remote far western Nepal. He competed for and won a prestigious fellowship at the Canadian Association for Community Living’s Institute for Research and Development on Inclusion and Society at York University in Toronto.   There, He worked in collaboration with Dr. Michael Bach, a world-renowned expert in the field, on a research project (Effective Advocacy Systems and Mechanisms for Advancing CRPD Article 12 and 19 Implementation: Exploring Canadian and Nepalese Context) to support the right to live in the community and the right to legal capacity, comparing legal and policy regimes in Canada and Nepal.

As a disability rights lawyer, he has conducted relevant work in favor of persons with disabilities, such as combating involuntary sterilization of women with disabilities through legal advocacy, establishing an audio library (the first time Nepal) for visually impaired students, and the removal of discriminatory terms from Nepalese legislation, especially those concerned with women having intellectual disabilities.  In addition, Mr. Joshi has practiced law in Nepal, taking cases to the Nepalese Supreme Court and helping to make landmark jurisprudence in that country in the area of disability rights.

E-mail: dev_datta08@yahoo.com