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दृष्टिविहीनको साथी ‘अडियो पुस्तक’


आइतबार, २३ साउन २०७३, १० : २४ |  हिमाल लम्साल , Kathmandu चितवनका कृष्णप्रसाद ढकाललाई अचेल किताब पढ्न सघाउन कोही चाहिँदैन । पहिलेजस्तो ब्रेललिपिमा आश्रित रहनु पनि पर्दैन । ‘अडियो पुस्तक’को सहारामा उनी आफैँ पुस्तक अध्ययन गर्न सक्छन् । ल्यापटप र मोबाइलमार्फत पुस्तक सुन्न सकिन्छ । अडियो पुस्तककै सहाराले त्रिभुवन विश्वविद्यालय सेवा आयोगमा उपप्राध्यापकको लिखित […]

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Kathmandu Post April 12


KATHMANDU, APR 12 – Visually-impaired candidates in the race for permanent teaching positions in Nepal find themselves at an instant disadvantage thanks to the unavailability of reference books and other preparatory material in braille On January 4 this year, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) invited applications for 13,135 vacancies for permanent teaching positions. The decision […]

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Stop Discrimination, Start equality.


Nepal is a small country situated between China in the North and India in the south, east and west. It is a landlocked mountain country. Nepal is known as one of the poorest country in the South Asia Region. Approximately 40% of Nepalese live below the poverty line of US$12 per person/per month (NHDR, 2004). […]

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