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About Us

NHRPFD-Nepal is registered non-governmental, non-profit making and non-political self-motive organization. It is registered at District Administration office Kathmandu at 2006 under the act of country and affiliated with Social Welfare Council and National Federation of the Disabled-Nepal (NFD-Nepal) since the formal registration at District Administration office (DAO). NHRPFD-Nepal stands for comprehensive development of Persons with Disabilities of Nepal through the right to live with dignity, freedom and equality. NHRPFD- Nepal educates and advocates for the human rights of persons with all kinds of disabilities, with a special focus on children and women with disabilities, in collaboration with organizations of persons with disabilities worldwide.

The people with disabilities in developing countries like Nepal are doubly disadvantaged-first by poverty, and then by social and economic exclusion. Overcoming the obstacles facing people with disabilities is often challenging in Nepal. In many cases beliefs and attitudes that marginalize or ignore people’s diverse needs and skills are difficult to change in Nepal. There is no presence of persons with disabilities at the policy making level and as a result it is very difficult to tackle with policy makers the issues of PWDs. On one hand, they are not ready to hear the disability issues because most policy makers still carry negative stereotypes of persons with disabilities, it is challenging to change their mind sets.

Understanding disability as a human rights issue places and emphasizes on the fact that people with disabilities are holders of rights and not objects to be associated with charity. People with disabilities are entitled to the same freedoms and rights as every other person. A human right perspective highlights government responsibility to ensure that all citizens equally enjoy their freedoms and rights and have the opportunity to participate fully in society. It is therefore crucial to advocate for the effective implementation of national and international human rights instruments including United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) to safeguard the rights of persons with disabilities. There are significant shifts taking place, as the right to free primary education has recently been won and is being implemented for children with disabilities, and an inclusive education policy framework is in development (NHRPFDN has been involved in a leadership role in the law and policy development in Nepal).


1) Be instrumental for the effective implementation of existing disability related legal framework and UNCRPD as well.

2) Collect the actual data of disabled people, Conduct formal and informal educational programs for persons with disabilities.

3) Try to prioritize and practice the rules, regulations and acts to ensure the human rights of disabled people.

4) Providing skill development trainings to disabled and makes them independent, Help disabled to provide free legal support.

5) Enable disabled persons to have a dignified life through realization of their rights and reducing discrimination achieved through initiating:

Livelihood promotion, Capacity building, campaigning, Awareness and Advocacy

6) Raising voice for the effective implementation of Disabled Protection and Welfare Act 1982 to safeguard the right to education for Children with Disabilities and combating involuntary sterilization for women with intellectual disabilities through legal channels.

7) Coordinate for the job opportunity for disabled people and their family and Organize community based rehabilitation program for disabled people.

8) Study about the human rights of disabled people and publish bulletins, magazines, cassettes and films from public broadcasting and publication mediums.


NHRPFD-Nepal stand-in affirmative and effectual role to create disable friendly human right in the country.


NHRPFD-Nepal envisions a society and state where all persons with disabilities are living a quality productive life without any barrier in an inclusive environment with full and equal realization of all human rights.

organizational structure

Organizational structure